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Setting a New Standard in Facility Services Technology

Provantage is fueled by a desire to always improve and make things better. That’s why we’ve developed proprietary technological solutions that allow our customers to take their facility solutions to the next level.
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CleanTelligent: A Smarter Way To Clean

CleanTelligent Software promotes quality control and enhances client communication with a smart software solution that’s built to streamline all your facility service needs. Conduct nightly inspections, observe any maintenance issues, and immediately email the results to clients so that any deficiencies can be corrected. You can easily track performance for increased transparency and accountability for our scope of service.

Proprietary Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Provantage developed proprietary technology that allows you to get a full picture of exactly what is happening in your facilities. You can gather invaluable datapoints like how often rooms are being used and which areas experience the most problems. All of this can help us better help you.
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Automation and More

We continue to build on our automation capabilities with autonomous floor scrubbers, robot vacuums, e-cleaners and more. These come in various sizes and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Ready To Learn More About Our Technology Solutions?

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